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Introduction of Royal de Wajidsons—a 3 generation old group concern


Welcome to Royal de Wajidsons Web Presence.


We at, Royal De Wajidsons, have been serving the entire World Community with products that are useful, pleasing to the eye and also trendy. The span of serving the world market lasts 3 generations of dedicated family members, who with the team of professionals in all fields brings out new products


Royal de Wajidsons is well known for the quality Hookah Tobacco Paste, Jurak Tobacco Paste, Molasses Tobacco, Moassal, Flavoured Hookah Tobacco, Shisha Tobacco, and Nargile Tobacco.


At Royal de Wajidsons we work skillfully with a variety of metals and glass, and their combinations. We follow a well managed professional strategy of  quick response to buyer’s needs adapt designs as per market requirements worldwide.


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Handicraft Product Categories manufactured and exported by Royal de Wajidsons:


· Garden Accessories

· Home-Décor & Accessories

· Tableware & Tabletop Accessories

· Wedding Décor /Centerpieces

· Home & Party Decorations

· Florists Sundries and Accessories

· Nautical Items

· Buckets

· Trays

· Candelabra

· Candle Stands

· Garden Pots

· Watering Cans

· Trays & Platters

· Hookahs or Waterpipes

· Vases

· Cake Stands

· Hookah Tobacco Paste

· Jurak Tobacco Paste


Royal de Wajidsons is a regular participant at Trade Shows worldwide including the Ambiente Frankfurt Fair in February each year.


Some of the products that are covered in the above product categories that are in regular production with us are:

1. Candelabra

2. Buckets

3. Planters

4. Table Place Card Holders

5. Table Centerpieces

6. Lanterns

7. Hookah Tobacco Paste / Jurak Tobacco

8. Flavoured Tobacco Paste

9. Trays and Platters

10. Hookahs or Waterpipes

11. Watering Cans

12. Flower Vases

13. Metal Furniture

14. Cake Stands

15. Plus many more

16. Cookie Cutters

17. Copper Steel Tableware

18. Chafing Dishes

19. Urns


In addition to our company being highly professional, we do not back out from our responsibility from serving our community with aid in serving the under privileged. We believe it is our responsibility to return to the community to which we owe our outstanding success.


For more details on our company, please visit the Royal De Wajidsons Online Catalog & Company Profile.






Wajid Nagar, PB 600

Moradabad - 244001, INDIA


To contact us:

Phone: +91-98370-08229 / +91-98370-96626


Fax: +91-591-2490848

E-mail: sales@wajidsons.com

Skype: nadirobaid

Online catalog: www.wajidsons.com



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